ArcaniA - Gothic 4: Preview Friv Game

Gothic 3 was a rather controversial Friv game. A huge number of bugs, no optimization and interesting "gothic" gameplay as a reward for the most patient. The question of continuation remained open for a long time. But after assessing the popularity of the series, the publisher JoWood decided to release another part.

However, a lot has been started from scratch. Let's say the developers are new. The fathers of the series from Piranha Bytes were replaced by much less eminent French (or rather, not quite, the team is only based in France, but in fact, very international) from Friv5Online. Never heard of such? Quite possible. Their only more or less successful and famous project is the Desperados strategy, a kind of Commandos clone. As it turned out, over the 15 years of their existence, they have released several more toys, but hardly anyone other than the developers themselves knows about them. And this team was entrusted with Gothic 4.

Oh, sorry, now the Friv game is called like this - Arcania: A Gothic Tale. This was done primarily for the American market. The previous parts did not have much popularity there, so such a large number "4" could scare many away.

However, it is quite possible that we will see a completely new Friv game. For example, the main character. Throughout all three previous parts, it was the same Nameless (Nameless). In Arcania , the Nameless One is also waiting for us, but different. The one that was before became king and invaded the new protagonist's home island in order to unite the subordinate lands. Apparently, we will be given a choice: to help in unification or to fight against it.

In general, the meaning of the Friv game will remain the same: we complete hundreds of quests, gain experience, levels, new skills and abilities. In addition, special points are provided that will be spent for training with trainers. There is already an advanced crafting system that allows you to create your own items or improve the found ones. All weapons will consist of several parts. For example, a blade and a sword handle. Find or tie one good grip and grab a few different blades for all occasions, and you have complete protection while leaving plenty of room for customization. And alchemy, in comparison with the previous parts, will be greatly simplified. In general, a deep redesign of the interface is expected: it should become both more convenient and simpler at the same time. Anything around on hover will show a hint. Those, who does not like help from the Friv game in any of its manifestations can simply turn off all the "casual" gizmos. The advantage of the interfaceArcania is also WoW- shaped. Over ten million players will figure it out in five minutes. Isn't that wonderful?

The combat system will also be slightly improved. Of course, most of the old opponents will remain, such as trolls, dragons, orcs and boars. But as for the main hero, the battles will become somewhat easier for him. For example, now we do not have to admire the lengthy animation every time when the hero drinks the "healer". The speed is not like in Diablo, but still several times faster than in previous parts.

The developers are very careful about remaking such an established Friv game. One of the most important steps will be the introduction of a new, more advanced magical system. Previously, magic was not so popular, convenient and effective, but now it will become one of the central parts of the gameplay. In addition to scattering fireballs to the right and left, the Nameless One will be able to control the weather (how do you like fog as a cover for a retreat?), And also change day to night and vice versa. The last spell opens up the broadest possibilities: they made the night, all the evil living creatures around went to sleep, and at this time we quietly and imperceptibly finish some important business (we steal, kill, sabotage).

If something goes wrong, you have to defend yourself. About weapons that can be assembled and disassembled at your own discretion, it was said above, the same applies to armor. It will have to be tinkered separately, whole costumes will not fall out of enemies at once. Thanks to this, again, a lot of all kinds of equipment options appear. And in order to give their personal belongings individuality, players will be able to create their own emblems and place them on shields, cloaks and armor (they, by the way, are exact copies of those used in the Middle Ages; for this, the developers photographed several thousand of all kinds of military parts presented in the Austrian Armory).

As for the quest part, it has undergone a deep rework. In Gothic 3we could burn one city while remaining a godly master in another. Now our actions will influence the course of the Friv game even more. Passing some quests will open the way to others, closing it to the third. The same should provide a high replayability rate.

Nothing is known about the technical part, except that the Friv game is being made on the Trinigy's Vision Engine. We can also admire the screenshots - beautiful, with a lot of objects and vegetation. Those who have seen the technical demo claim that the picture looks very lively - the leaves on the trees flutter, the sun breaks through them, and somewhere in the background there is a cute village house...

Now it's scary for the Friv game. Yes, everything seems to look nice, cute. But surely we will get that very "Gothic"? Or will it be some kind of unknown Arcania ? We will find out in the winter.